OptoSmart was born in 2005 as a spin-off company from the joint-venture of some of the most important Italian research centers (among which the University of Sannio - Optoelectronic Group) which are working since many years on innovative technologies.

Today an hi-speed growing request of hi-performances with low costs is bringing OptoSmart to invest many resources to provide a wide range of products and services for structures, processes and environment monitoring. The OptoSmart's activity satisfy the current needs in many engineering sectors, such as aerospace, civil, industrial and environmental, to reduce the costs and to increase the automation and the security. These results are achieved thanks to an efficient coordination between R&D and design and engineering sectors of OptoSmart. Optoelectronics, materials engineering and mechanical skills are integrated.

The OptoSmart's aim is an integrated sensing-actuating system to realize "smart systems" able to work by adjusting its self to the environmental conditions. Today many solutions are available but the real improvement is to create a system which could be "embedded" into anything without modifying its own features.

OptoSmart offers the design, manufacturing, distribution and installation of high quality custom systems for environmental and structural monitoring and industrial process control and special apparatus for research centers, based on fiber optic technology. Single or multiple sensors are provided to perform real-time monitoring in any condition of application.

One of the key-points of OptoSmart is the very efficient team-work, in which each discipline is developed to guarantee an high quality standard. For this reason a group of persons works together sharing their various competences to create a very flexible high technology reality directly connected to the everyday life of every one.





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