Optoelectronic Laboratory

The Optoelectronic Group at the University of Sannio operates in a modern laboratory of optoelectronics, located in a space of 200 square meters and equipped with the most modern technologies, also designed for material integration and modification.

In particular, the equipments present in the Optoelectronic Lab comprise:

- Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

UV laser micromachining facilities (operating at 193nm and 248nm) for material processing, customized for optical fiber micro-machining

- Compact refractometers systems

- Optical microscopes

- Automated chamber for liquid testing

- Time delay measurement systems

- Modified Spin coater for material deposition onto optical fibers

- Fiber optic Spectrometers

- Optical fiber recoater

- Dip coating facility

- Abbe refractometers- Narrowband tunable lasers

- Optical spectrum analyzers

- Fiber optic splicer

- Lock-in amplifiers- Optical switch

- Broadband and narrowband light sources

- Optical power meters

- Photodiodes

- Fiber optic components

- Polarization maintaining and control components

- Electrostatic spray pyrolisis deposition facilities

- Equipment for wet chemical etching of optical fibers by using HF buffered solutions- RF equipment for high frequency light modulation

- Stabilized power supplies and other electronic components